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For the most up to date information in Connecticut
  • Who is eligible to use medical marijuana in the state of Connecticut?
    a. To qualify, a patient needs to be diagnosed by a Connecticut licensed provider as having one of the medical conditions that is specifically identified in the law. 
    b. At least 18 years of age
    c. Resident of Connecticut
    d. Cannot be an inmate confined to a correctional institution or facility under the supervision of the Department of Correction, regardless of their medical condition

  • What is the list of medical conditions required for a Connecticut patient to receive a medical marijuana card
    See our list Here

  • What do I have to do after my provider certifies me?
    Here is a step-by-step guide for patients and caregivers to register for Medical Marijuana in the state of CT

  • How long does my certification last?
    1 year

  • What happens when my certification expires?
    Here is the most updated information on renewing your Medical Marijuana certification in the state of CT:

  •  What is a Primary Caregiver?
    Connecticut Caregiver FAQs

  • Will my insurance cover the medical marijuana certification fees?
    Currently, no.  Insurance companies will not cover any medical marijuana related costs.

  • Can an employer decide to not hire an individual or decide to fire that person because the person has qualified for a medical marijuana card?
    No, under the state law, an employer cannot fire or penalize an individual for having a medical marijuana card.  An employer can, however, prohibit the use of intoxicating substances during work hours.

  •  Why should I get a medical marijuana card when I can have marijuana legally in the state of Connecticut?

  •  I don’t want to smoke marijuana, does that mean I shouldn’t consider a card?
    Smoking marijuana is only one delivery method for marijuana.  Marijuana treatments are available to smoke, vape, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, suppositories, and various types of edibles.  Edibles can include foods, beverages, chocolates/candy/gum, lozenges, etc.  

  • What are the patient limits on different types of medical cannabis products?
    The maximum allotment for medical marijuana patients is 5 ounces a month.  Patients are able to obtain the 5 ounces at different transactions within the 30 day allotment period. 

  • Where are the dispensaries located?
    List of dispensaries Connecticut.

  • What happens if my card gets lost, stolen, or damaged?
    Lost, stolen, or damaged cards are common. Medical patients can fill out a form to get a replacement, stolen, or damaged marijuana card and pay the $35 replacement fee.

  • Can a school refuse to enroll someone solely because the person is qualified to use medical marijuana?

  • Can a landlord refuse to rent to someone or take action against a tenant solely because the tenant is qualified to use medical marijuana?

  •  I am worried that I will be on a list somewhere and people will know I use medical marijuana. Is that true?
    The medical marijuana certification process is protected health information just like any other health information and completely confidential.

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